Journey To Self Love
The Undiscovered Secrets To Living A More Peaceful, Empowered And Fulfilling Life.
* 14 Day Interactive Experience Learning Through The Spirit Of The Horse *
Choose A Life Of MASTERY Over Mediocrity - FREE OF JUDGEMENT!
Discover the ease of living life when you know yourself, like yourself and believe in yourself... free of judgement!
The Power of 
Discover how to redirect the "crazy" to become laser-focused and unstoppable!
The Truth of 
Understand the secrets behind building and maintaining trust in relationships to be a liked and respected leader.
The Meaning of MOTIVATION
Learn the difference between incentives and motivation to build unwaivering and sustainable inspriation!
The Secrets of CERTAINTY
Become a master of holding and respecting healthy boundaries so you can keep your standards high and live the life of your dreams!
You will get bi-weekly action steps that are simple but will change the way you live your life. 
After all, how we do the little things is how we do everything, right?

Together we're going to create empowering habits for ourselves that will lead us to SELF CONFIDENCE, a MASTERY of COMMUNICATION, and ultimately the SELF LOVE that we all crave!
Meet Your Instructors: Watch The Video
Hi, I'm Jen Zoë.

Over the past 16 years I've done nothing but study, learn and master my two passions in life: personal development and horses.

I mean, I'm obsessed with putting together the two world of horses and personal development to give people positive life changing experiences with a horse that maintains the dignity of the animal.

It took over a DECADE of hard work and more PAIN, TORMENT and FEAR than I'd like to admit. But I've since said goodbye to that part of my life! 

And that's why I'm here.

I spent months creating this Journey to Self Love so that I could give you the secrets that will let you live a more peaceful, empowered and fulfilling life... WITHOUT the pain, criticism and fear that I endured.

It's time to change and empower your belief systems about yourself FOREVER!

What is self care worth to you?


  • Action Step Handouts For Each Session
  • ​LIVE Welcome Meditation And Meet And Greet
  • ​30 Day Free Trial to ZenClub
  • ​Self Confidence Formula

February 7 - February 18, 2022

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