Join The Soulful HUSTERS 2017 retreat

You are EXACTLY 
where you need to be!

Most of us think we have to achieve to have value.
That what we DO is a measure of who we ARE.

What would your life be like if you could simply BE who you are and love that person completely?
Are you ready step into your true purpose and learn more about yourself through horses?
Tired of feeling like the only one of your friends actually 'trying' to do anything?
Are you looking for community at a whole different level?

Imagine how you will feel if you had a safe group to share your experiences, fears, successes, and everything in between .

The truth is, when you find your soul's purpose and step into your truth 
you will achieve and prosper in a totally natural way. 

That's what the 2 AM Sisterhood is about...

Now that you've completed the Persona Intelligence 5 Day Course, you have been personally invited to join the 2 AM Sisterhood. 

We dive deep into how to: 
- Read others and INSTANTLY know what they're thinking 
- Deepen your relationships by understanding compassion and boundaries
- Achieve your goals by becoming the person you know is within
- Become a master of yourself and stop the struggle

If you are ready to LISTEN to that inner voice, 
when is NOW a better time? 

For those ready for this beautiful journey Only!
This Is a Mastermind, a Community, and Mentorship.

 this is YOUR Opportunity To be a part of a Powerful Peer Group
get the answers to the questions you've been asking 

Experience the unique way a horse's story can teach you

The secrets you learn in this program will allow you to become a communication wizard, how to handle your triggers, and understand how to establish healthy boundaries while maintaining compassion.

With: Jen Zoë Hall 
With: Jen Zoë Hall 
As Featured in:
  • ​Take your power back and love yourself.
  • ​Receive accountability and community.
  • ​Look in the mirror and stop the internal fight.
  • ​Do it without the pain of the 'process'.
  • ​Love animals and learn from what a horse could teach you.
The 2 AM Sisterhood Includes:
  One-on-One Discovery with Jen Zoë
Upon joining you receive a private discovery call with me. In this call you will dig into:
- Your pain points and how to solve and heal them
- Your goals for the next year and how to achieve them
- An aligned plan for where you are and where you want to go
  In the KNOW
When you join the 5 Day Alumni Academy, your membership includes a monthly newsletter that relates to the theme of the month. Continuing and never ending self improvement through topics like relationship, wellness, meditation, life balance, goal setting, nutrition health and finance.  I will include articles, resources, product reviews, recipes, interviews and content that will support the month's focus that you can apply directly to your life. 
  Weekly LIVE Mentoring and Masterminding
Each week, we will talk about the month's theme and engage LIVE with each of you! This is the Success Path!

Answer questions, have guest speakers and bring the subject matter to light. Offer ideas and concepts that will allow you to breakthrough limiting beliefs and understand yourself at a higher level. The first part of the calls consist of a HOT topic that is pertinent to the group at the time and are facilitated by me. The second part will be where you have the opportunity to talk about whatever is in your heart or what you're dealing with... nothing is off limits.
  Monthly Book Recommendation 
The average American reads barely 4 books a year, while the most successful people read 4-5 books a month! Feed your mind and envigorate your soul with the book recommendations every month from the Zenerjen library!
You will receive the best of what's out there based on the needs of the group and what is pertinent to the month's theme!
 Peer to Peer Accountability 
What empowerment group would be complete without a community source!
Find an accountability partner, stay in touch and engage with each member of the group. Find the other Bellas, connect with a fellow Maverick and learn what those that think differently than you can do to help you grow.

  Contribution to a Cause
When you contribute to something larger than yourself, there is no greater feeling.  This isn't just a place for you, but an opportunity to contribute to those that are less fortunate and whose voices needs to be heard through us. We contribute to horse rescue, youth organizations and other charities of our choice to continue to grow, serve and save horses and change lives.
 Deepen your Personal Development Journey through the Life lessons a horse can teach you!
step Up For Mastery
learn the truth that truly is within you by
looking through the lens of the Eye of a horse
DISCOVER what you can learn about leadership, yourself and life In a unique, profound and simple way... 
 Continue the Journey here!
Hear from other alumni:
"There is no place we'd rather be than at Zenerjen, surrounded by Jen and her horses!  Their amazing energy is contagious!"
-Aneta F. - Owner  Winter Park Laser & Anti-aging Center
Winter Park, FL
"Jen Zoë is doing a phenomenal job helping people all over the world."
-Peter R. - Realtor St. Cloud, FL
"Unique, Profound, and Life-Changing...if you're open."
- Steve O. - Business Owner - Orlando, FL
Membership Plans
We have a finite number of memberships available and is INVITATION ONLY.

Enrollment is open for 5 Day Persona Intelligence Graduates ONLY!

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 Changing lives through the spirit of the horse
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