Meet your inner leader and have stronger relationships through the horses of Zenerjen.
Zenerjen DreamHorse Angels
Femininity - Sisterhood - Freedom
Discover the Healing Power of Horses

This is WAY more than riding...
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Welcome to Zenerjen
Have you ever dreamed of having your own horse? 
Now you can...
The Zenerjen Method of Equine Assisted Empowerment is geared towards women who are seeking connection other like-minded women and with a horse at a deeper level outside of just "riding". You will learn the secret language of horses and feel the freedom that comes with healing power of a horse for peace, sisterhood and fulfillment.
  • ​ You are tired of 'beige' relationships in your life.
  • ​ You are looking to take your relationships to a higher level.
  • ​ You are ready to look in the mirror about how you show up.
  • ​ You want to have FUN !

Your DreamHorse Angel journey begins with an unforgettable Weekend Getaway

During the certification process you will learn:

  • ​​The secret language of horses
  • ​Horsemanship skills and techniques
  • ​Understand horse psychology and interactions
  • ​How horses relate to your everyday life
  • Horse care and husbandry
  • ​Meet and interact with other like-minded sisters (Limited to 8 per class)

Course Dates:


Sample Daily Itinerary

Ok ladies, are you ready to have some fun?! 
The next three days will be something like you've never experienced. Starting the day with theory, playing games, demonstrations, simulations, and ultimately that final moment where you are engaging with the Zenerjen horses and being a true horse whisperer.

You will learn things such as...

Day 1

  •  The personalities of horses and how they relate to humans
  • ​ Basic husbandry and care
  •  Tool handling
  • ​ Zenerjen standards and routines
  • ​History of the horse
  • ​Philosophy of horsemanship
  • ​​How horses learn

Day 2

  •  How we communicate with horses
  • ​The responsibilities of a horseman
  • ​The responsibilities of a horse
  • ​Building rapport and establishing respect
  •  Managing emotional states (for you and the horse)
  • ​Understand the power of focus
  • ​Sensory acuity and diffused awareness 
  • ​Obstacle course and demonstrations


VALUE: $5,555



Zenerjen DreamHorse Angels


What a 1200 pound animal that doesn't speak English can teach you about yourself and your relationships.  How do you present to others and how you are perceived. Discover the difference between building rapport and breaking it.


Enjoy the serenity of the Zenerjen property and connect with "your" horse. Come out to graze, groom, and ride (once you've hit a certain level)...or even just be your horse.  Experience Theta healing, meditation and other healing experiences in the processes of each session.



Interact with your horse with included sessions with Jen Zoë. Develop your horsemanship skills as well as:
Effective Communication
Healthy Boundaries
Establishing Rapport
Building Trust
What do you get with the Zenerjen DreamHorse Program? You get the opportunity to come out to Zenerjen almost ANYTIME you want to play, groom and interact with your DreamHorse and the other horses of Zenerjen. Every month we have scheduled horsemanship, relationship and healing sessions for you to take advantage of! 
Outside of Jen Zoë's exclusive Journey to Truth Immersion Retreats, this is the only opportunity available to have full access to the unbelievable gifts of the Zenerjen horses including RIDING*! All of the riding is done bareback and each membership allows for different levels of small group and private interactions with the horses!

*A Zenerjen Riding with Connection Certification is required before riding is available

Want to be a part of Zenerjen but aren't in proximity? 
This is What Previous Participants Are Saying:
"There is no place we'd rather be than at Zenerjen, surrounded by Jen and her horses!  Their amazing energy is contagious!"
-Aneta F. - Owner  Winter Park Laser & Anti-aging Center
Winter Park, FL
"Jen Zoë Hall is doing a phenomenal job at helping people all over the world."
-Peter R. - Realtor St. Cloud, FL
"Unique, Profound, and Life-Changing...if you're open."
- Steve O. - Business Owner - Orlando, FL
A little about Zenerjen…
Zenerjen's mission is to provide a sanctuary for horses and humans that allows for interaction, introspection, growth, and empowerment, between humans and these amazing creatures.

We bring in rescued horses and through natural horse development, take them to a place where they are more confident, calm, engaged and connected with their surroundings and people. And that’s just the horses…
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