Join The Soulful HUSTERS 2017 retreat
Become a STRONGER Leader, With DEEPER Relationships, 
And Attain SELF MASTERY Through the lessons of Life that a Horse can teach you!
With: Jen Zoë Hall 
With: Jen Zoë Hall 
As Featured in:
  •  You are ready to take your power back and lead others.
  •  You are ready to look in the mirror about how you show up.
  • You want to do it seamlessly and without the pain of the 'process'.
step Up For Mastery
By using insights that you could learn from how horses act As mirrors, learn the truth that truly is within you by
looking through the lens of the Eye horse
DISCOVER what you can learn about leadership, yourself and life In a unique, profound and simple way...
ZenClub Delivers A New Life Perspective With:
Monthly Themed Episodes 
Each month, you will receive a FULL dedicated episode from the Zenerjen Mastery Sessions. We will take a deep dive into each topic using the horses of Zenerjen and RESCUED horses!
Discussion of the parallels between developing leadership and building relationships through the powerful equine healers and teachers.
Weekly Live Chat
Each week, we will talk about the month's theme and engage LIVE with each of you! Answer questions, have guest speakers and bring the subject matter to light to offer ideas and concepts that will allow you to breakthrough limiting beliefs and understand yourself at a higher level.
Book Discussion
The average American reads barely 4 books a year, while the most successful people read 4-5 books a month! Each month we will read a 1000 pages of awesome personal development that is pertinent to the month's theme and discussing the highlights!
Bi-Weekly Email
Every MONDAY and FRIDAY, check your inbox for updates throughout the month for new insights following the THEME. Short videos and troubleshooting breaking down the theme of the month.
Private Facebook Group
What empowerment group would be complete without a community source!? Find an accountability partner, stay in touch with events and engage with each member of the group!
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