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Empower your soul. Discover your purpose. Live your ZenLife.

How to reinvent yourself during Corona Virus WITHOUT:

  • Writing a book
  • ​Launching a podcast
  • ​Starting a business


With: Jen Zoë Hall 
After 15 years of studying personal development and horsemanship under some of the best experts in the world, Jen Zoë is now bringing those two worlds together.

Empower your soul. 
Discover your purpose. 
Live YOUR life.

 June 8 - 17, 2020

Getting centered, staying mindful and having self-mastery is the trifecta for overcoming the negative external factors that surround us.

The Corona Virus is no exception...

 It has been a slap in the face and a true wake up call for us to take a step back and learn how to manage ourselves as the biggest impactors on this planet. 

In these troubled and chaotic times, self-mastery is of the ULTIMATE importance. 

So let's have some fun in the meantime with a 10 day challenge that will help you have serenity, focus and peace.
Zenerjen 10 Days of Self-Mastery Challenge...

Our habits create who we are. Let's use them to empower ourselves!

Each day you will be challenged to do something that is simple, yet most of us skip over in our daily routines.

But it doesn't stop there!

This is a stacking challenge. Each day builds off the previous day.. So on Day 1 you will complete Day 1's Challenge
But on Day 5, you will complete Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 AND Day 5!!

Some days have very simple challenges, other days can be more challenging for some people. 

You will create and establish healthy and empowering habits for yourself to continue using throughout the rest of your life.

The Zenerjen 10 Day Challenge is from June 8 - 13, 2020.


Gifts, Prizes and Give-Aways

Every time you join the challenge you enter to win FREE Zenerjen swag!

Each challenge has different contests to win!

When you join, you will be invited to our private Facebook Group for the challenge.
This group will give you...

  • Challenge Videos and Units
  • ​​Daily Videos and BONUS LIVES
  • ​Connection with Other Like-minded Individuals
  • ​Maintain Your Commitment to Social Distancing
  • ​Positive Mindsets During this Chaotic Time
Empower your soul. Discover your purpose. Live YOUR life.

Imagine Your Life When...

  • You are in control of your emotions
  • You can communicate healthy boundaries
  • Fear of intimacy doesn't exist
  • ​Your success comes without "the hustle"

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Who Is Jen Zoë?

Jen Zoë is a TedX speaker, horse whisperer, behavior and personality specialist, 
and a self-mastery expert. After 15 years of studying horsemanship and 
personal development under some of the best in the world, she found that horses 
teach us things about ourselves that can't be taught any other way. 

A master in her craft, Jen Zoë will teach you these critical life secrets you must have to live your best "zen" life. 
Take It From Our Tribe:
"There is no place we'd rather be than at Zenerjen, surrounded by Jen and her horses!  Their amazing energy is contagious!"
-Aneta F. - Owner  Winter Park Laser & Anti-aging Center
Winter Park, FL
"Jen Zoë Hall is doing a phenomenal job at helping people all over the world."
-Peter R. - Realtor St. Cloud, FL
My visit to Zenerjen created a life changing experience. The interaction with the horses was transformational. 
I was able to get a new respect for myself and my need for love and connection."
- Scott T. - CEO - Senergy Medical Group, Irving, TX
A little about Zenerjen…
Zenerjen’s mission is to provide a sanctuary for horses and humans that allows for interaction, introspection, growth, and empowerment, for and between humans and these amazing creatures.

We bring in rescued horses and through natural horse development, take them to a place where they are more confident, calm, engaged and connected with their surroundings and people. And that’s just the horses…
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