Join The Soulful HUSTERS 2017 retreat
Meet your inner leader and have stronger relationships through the horses of Zenerjen.
Are You Ready For The Truth?
Join The Zenerjen Retreat To HEAL, LEARN and GROW 
Even If You’ve Never Been Around Horses...
With: Jen Zoë Hall 

APRIL 2023


This Experience is For You if..
  • ​You are tired of 'beige' relationships in your life.
  • ​You are looking to take your relationships to a higher level.
  • ​You are ready to look in the mirror about how you show up.
  • ​ You want to have FUN !
  • ​You want to discover the truth about yourself.
  • ​You are ready to take your power back. 
  • ​You are ready to experience self love.
  • ​ You want to do it through flow and femininity, without pain.
  •  ​You want to learn about horses in a unique way.
Take It From Our Tribe:
"There is no place we'd rather be than at Zenerjen, surrounded by Jen and her horses!  Their amazing energy is contagious!"
-Aneta F. - Owner  Winter Park Laser & Anti-aging Center
Winter Park, FL
"Jen Zoë Hall is doing a phenomenal job at helping people all over the world."
-Peter R. - Realtor St. Cloud, FL
"Unique, Profound, and Life-Changing...if you're open."
- Steve O. - Business Owner - Orlando, FL
A little about Zenerjen…
The Zenerjen Foundation’s mission is to provide a sanctuary for horses and humans that allows for interaction, introspection, growth, and empowerment, for and between humans and these amazing creatures.

We bring in rescued horses and through natural horse development, take them to a place where they are more confident, calm, engaged and connected with their surroundings and people. And that’s just the horses…
When You Attend This Event You Will:


What a 1200 pound animal that doesn't speak English can teach you about yourself. How do you present to others and how you are perceived in all of your relationships?  Discover the subtle differences between building rapport and breaking it. Learn about the "Relationship Labyrinth" and who should and should not be in your life.


A rare opportunity to experience horses. Lessons about love that you will learn through the power of the horse in personalized sessions. Connect with others and yourself through the different personas of the horse and understand how healing through connection can occur. 


Have an INTERACTIVE experience with horses to learn about how you communicate and relate to others to release trapped emotion, allow for healing of trauma and rise to become your highest and best self.


  • Pre-retreat Coaching and Pre-frame your experience: Get to know Jen, learn about the program, the horses, what to expect and go over dietary needs 
  • Persona Intelligence Course: This program is a deep dive into the psyche of personas, all through the eyes of a horse. Peel back the layers of the onion that creates who we are. This course is a prerequisite and will prepare you with the language and understanding of the horses and the program before you arrive. 
  • Nutrition:  Because this is an intimate and tailored experience, all meals are prepared onsite and with all dietary needs considered in a communal setting.
  • Gifts and Accoutrements: Each experience includes gifts, journals, goodies and everything you need for an incredible and fulfilling experience.
  • Post Retreat Coaching: Three months or private coaching following the experience to continue the healing process and growth.
  • Surprises After the Event: Books, gifts and other "is it ok if I overdeliver" surprises to continue the experience after you leave
  • Professional Photos and Videos: All photos/videos of you taken at retreat sent to you in a personalized folder for your posting and viewing memories as well as the option for a private photo shoot with your horse.
About The Event
Beautiful home and ranch facility in Palm Beach County Florida!!

All meals and onsite needs are included. All you have to do is SHOW UP ready to play full out and receive.
All meals are included with your health and wellness in mind, custom to your dietary needs, organic when possible, and beautifully prepared in sisterhood.
Any necessary transfers to and from local hotels are available via Uber, Lyft, etc. 
You will fly into West Palm Beach Airport (PBI).
All necessary equipment and ancillary needs associated to the being around and handling horses. DON'T WORRY, we got you covered!!
Recommended hotels and Airbnbs provided in close proximity to the venue.
Day 1: Who chooses you…the Selection
On day one, the first thing you will do is breathe. We encourage you to exhale the outside world and inhale a piece of nature and serenity. When you walk into the stable, you will find yourself becoming grounded and centered as we greet the horses for the first time. It is on this day through a process where one of the horses will ‘choose’ you. Something about this particular horse will resonate with you more than the others and that will be the horse that you will bond with for the time you are here. Learn to understand personalities, relationships and how we adapt to situations and the value that each of us have to help become more, confident, loving (of yourself and others) as we begin our journey.
Day 2: The Connection
The first part of the day you connect, understand and relate to your new partner as step outside your own skin for a time to learn more about the horse that chose you. We play games, have discussion and do simulations as we engage with the horses. Through a series of exercises, we begin to see and feel the spirit of these amazing animals and what they have to teach us. 
In the afternoon, you get more time to engage with your horse and we start to learn the language and communicate with them. Communication with a totally different species helps take us out of our comfort zone and to a place where we start to see what building rapport, understanding respect through healthy boundaries, and refining relationships really starts to look like. We start to learn what each horse needs to feel safe, comfortable and inspired to connect with us.

Day 3: Peeling back the Onion…the Discovery
On the morning of Day 3, we now are beginning to understand our partners better and have more skill in communication. This is where we tap into their needs (and ours). This is where the truth starts to emerge. This is where Jen brings in the adaptive skills to present what each individual needs in that moment. Discover the stumbling blocks and gaps of what is holding you back from where you want to be. This is where the truth starts to emerge.
Day 4: Integration
This is it!! The time to ride (or not if you so choose and depending on your horse). We integrate all the skills and knowledge we have learned and put it to the next natural step, riding with our partners. Unlike other “riding” experiences, you have taken the time to develop rapport and relationship through natural communication and now it’s time to step up! Literally! Focus, flow, energy, persistence, certainty, and confidence play a huge role in this. On this last day we take all we’ve learned and integrate it in an experiential way to reshape the way we look at life, love and ourselves.
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Journey to Truth Retreat Requirements


This event is only open to students who have completed (or will complete) the Persona Intelligence Course (it is included in your enrollment). If you purchase the event without having completed these courses, you’ll be required to experience the Persona Intelligence Course prior to attendance, (trust us, you will want to!) 

Becoming familiar with the fundamental teachings outlined in the Persona Intelligence Course is paramount to your success in the Journey to Truth Retreats.

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