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In a world of chaos and isolation, we are all CRAVING a community of serenity and empowerment that also speaks to a higher purpose...

"A place where time stands still. 
BE WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT TO BE, supported by love, led by experts and driven by contribution."

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Community of Like-Minded Individuals

A safe space for you to be who you are without judgement and step into your highest and best self.


Personal  Mentoring with Jen Zoë 

Live monthly open forum calls with Jen Zoë hitting critical topics like boundaries, trust and communication.


Access to Exclusive Zenerjen Content

Get access to Members Only content and trainings including the 5 Day Persona Intelligence Course (Inner Circle Members)


Save a Horse Change a Life

All proceeds go to help radically disrupt the horse rescue industry and show the world the healing power horses have.

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I woke up one day and realized that I was "weird", that I didn't belong except maybe on the Island of Misfit Toys! 
I cried, I felt ALONE, isolated, like no one would just accept ME FOR ME. 
Have you ever felt like that? 

When I first began my journey into horses and helping people, I was full of hope. I had visions of just playing with horses and sharing my gifts. Then I realized that doing what I loved involved way more than just doing what I loved. 

The journey really began when after studying a unique way to train horses, I discovered personal development. I realized that the connection between what I was doing with horses and how they could help people was way more than merely "training horses'. So I began the journey of bringing people together and healing through horses. 

It wasn't always an easy journey. I was stuck in a marriage and felt completely hopeless to follow my dreams. I was trying my best to do what I 'should' only to face misery and feeling trapped everyday. Everything seemed good on the outside, but on the inside I was dying. And then I learned that the life that I was living was a complete house of cards and I found that life as I knew it was over. A disastrous divorce, unsure of the future and now finding myself almost 40, waitressing and alone. 

The one thing I had that saved me was my horse.

What I didn't know at the time was...

It was the beginning and it was going to take more than I ever thought possible.

And so I began, taking my pain everyday and putting one foot in front of the other, I did whatever I needed to to make ends meet. I was putting on that 'face' of bravery for the world and trying rebuild my life. 
I knew I was doing something right with the work I was doing with the horses, I just didn't know where it would lead me or how hard it was going to be. The feeling of isolation was crushing and I longed for love and connection. So I studied and learned and went to every seminar, retreat expo, fair, networking event I could manage. I read hundreds of books, worked my butt off as I built what is now known as Zenerjen, my soul's purpose for being on planet Earth and how I know I can serve people just like you!

And through the vision of growth and service, saving horses and changing lives, I have created the NEW ZenClub. I am so excited about this community and project. It is the grass roots of connection through Source, horses, nature and each other. A space that is safe to connect, learn grow and serve. To love horses, each other and ourselves. 

It's simple. And shouldn't life be a little more simple?

"Our mission is for every human being to have a positive, love-filled, and life-changing experience with a horse that maintains the dignity of the animal."

When you join the ZenClub Community, not only do you benefit, 
but the horses do too! 
Each membership saves more horses and changes more lives.

What is this community about?

CONNECT - If you've made it this far...

You're the kind of person who just wants to help people and is tired of trying and giving only to be knocked down. This community helps you connect with yourself and others for support and accountability. Like minded and uplifting, being in the ZenClub will give you the opportunity to grow and serve with people who want to see you succeed.

ENGAGE - If you're tired of watching a screen full of faces...

Have an interactive virtual experiences with horses and each other. Tap into your subconscious through Theta healing meditations.  Ask questions in the open forum meetings.  This is about you, no topic is off limits.

DISCOVER - If the world is seemingly stressful right now...

This is a unique process of learning. Understand what a 1200 pound animal can teach you about yourself and your relationships. How you present to others and how you are perceived. Understand the secrets about respect and trust.  Learn how to know yourself, like yourself and believe in yourself.


  • Monthly LIVE Open Forum with Jen Zoë and Zenerjen's unique teachers
  • ​Access to the Becoming You Persona Bundle ($197 VALUE)
  • ​Access To The Private Facebook Community
  • ​Welcome Gift
  • ​Membership Discounts
  • ​Loyalty Surprises
  • ​Contribution To A Cause Bigger Than Yourself



Enroll ANNUALLY for only$170 and get two months FREE!



  • Everything in the BASIC PACKAGE PLUS...
  • ​TICKETS for yourself and a friend to the Self Discovery Challenge
  • ​Weekly access to Theta Healing meditations 
  • ​Access to the Self Confidence Formula



Enroll ANNUALLY for only $470 and get two months FREE!
A one-on-one welcome call with Jen Zoë



  • Everything in the HORSE HERO PACKAGE and the BASIC PACKAGE PLUS...
  • ​PRIVATE onboarding and welcome call with Jen Zoë
  • ​ACCESS to "Persona Intelligence" 5 Day Course ($1497 VALUE)
  • ​EXCLUSIVE one of a kind Zenerjen swag box sent directly to your door
*Access granted after 90 days if monthly option is chosen


Enroll ANNUALLY for only $970 and get two months FREE!
A one-on-one welcome call with Jen Zoë
A LIVE 5 Day Course ($2497 VALUE)

50% OFF RIGHT NOW ONLY $485 (Normal Price $997)
Limited memberships available at this level.


Below are just a few of the perks included in your membership:

The Becoming You Bundle

*Access at ALL ZenClub Levels

  • Live life with undeniable certainty on your terms, all while conditioning yourself for success in all areas of life. 
  • ​A series of trainings including Time Management, Creating Your Definite Purpose Statement, Managing Boundaries, and so much more
  • 10+ hours of content
  • ​$197 retail value

The Self Discovery Challenge

*Access at the Elite and Inner Circle ZenClub Levels ONLY

  • Understand that who you are is exactly who you're supposed to be. Gain the absolute clarity on what you want and need in your personal and professional relationships.
  • ​Live trainings with Jen Zoë and our equine instructors teaching you about focus, trust, motivation and certainty - the four keys that have served as the foundation for Jen for almost a decade.
  • 15+ hours of content
  • ​$297 retail value

Theta Healing Meditations

*Access at the Elite and Inner Circle ZenClub Levels ONLY

  • Led by one of Zenerjen's certified Theta healers, tap into your theta brain state and align with your heart to tap into the ultimate manifestation.
  • Permanently heal mental and emotional trauma, breakthrough old beliefs and download yourself with empowering belief systems
  • Weekly content
  • ​$397 retail value

Persona Intelligence

*Access at the Inner Circle ZenClub Level ONLY

  • Zenerjen's #1 self improvement program that creates the ultimate breakthroughs to discover what is most important to you in your relationships and gives you the strategies to achieve it.
  • Create lasting positive change and empower yourself to live without fear of judgement and anxiety about who you are.
  • 20+ hours of content
  • ​$1,497 retail value

About Jen Zoë

Jen Zoë has always been fascinated with horses, but her career with them didn't start until the age of 30. She realized she wanted more and quickly developed her skills by studying with some of the best horsemen in the world. Shortly after, she attended a personal development event where she realized that the parallels and patterns between horses and humans were quite profound and needed to be brought together. 

Jen began to understand the deeper way that horses teach humans, and after years of research and training Jen launched Zenerjen and her Equine Assisted Empowerment programs to help transform lives through the spirit of the horse. She now coaches and works with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world, creating breakthroughs with her programs, trainings, and retreats.


ZenClub Basic

This is for you if you want to contribute to horse rescue, be part of the community, but aren't ready to dedicate more than one hour a month to the group.

Here's Everything You Get:

  • Monthly LIVE Open Forum with Jen Zoë and Zenerjen's unique teachers
  • ​Access to the 10 Days of Self Mastery Challenge
  • ​Access To The Private Community
  • ​Welcome Gift
  • ​Membership Discounts
  • ​Loyalty Surprises
  • ​Contribution To A Cause Bigger Than Yourself


Enroll annually and get two months free!

ZenClub Inner Circle

This is for you if you want to contribute to horse rescue, be part of the community, and want bonuses, gifts, perks and more throughout your Zenerjen journey.

Here's Everything You Get:

  • Everything in the BASIC package PLUS...
  • ​PRIVATE onboarding and welcome call with Jen Zoë
  • ​ACCESS to "Persona Intelligence" 5 Day Course ($1497 VALUE)
  • ​EXCLUSIVE one of a kind Zenerjen swag box sent directly to your door


Enroll annually and get two months free!
Monthly Contributions:
Buys A Bag of Feed
One Farrier Service
One Vet Service
Hay for a Day
Here's What You Get:
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Jen Zoë
  • ​Access to our private Horse Heros Facebook group
  • ​Contribution to a cause bigger than yourself
Contribution levels:
Because this is a contribution based program, all levels receive access to the same content. 
ZenClub Horse Heros is an annual membership.
BASIC Horse Hero:
$17/month: Feeds a horse for ONE DAY
$27/month: Buys ONE bag of feed

$37/month: Buys ONE bale of hay 
(We currently go through 30 bales a month)

$97/month: Pays for one annual vet visit
Sponsor a Horse. Be a Hero.

Your contribution goes towards the health - physical, mental and emotional - well being of your horse!

Want to be a Super Hero?

Here's what you get as a Super Hero:

HALF SPONSOR: $300/month 
Fully feeds one horse for a month

FULL SPONSOR: $600/month 
Provides FULL care including feed, board, vet, and training
Your contribution goes towards the health - physical, mental and emotional - well being of your horse!

Dante is Zenerjen's first and oldest horse. He's confident, exuberant and solutions-driven. He has an answer to EVERYTHING. His love language is 
quality time.
Tres is an old soul. He doesn't really fit in but he doesn't care. Chill and without a care in the world. He will do anything for a cookie! His love language is physical touch.
Bella is feminine and sassy. She wants to be friends with everyone and will do anything to please you. She's confident in the herd but unsure of herself with people. Her love language is words of affirmation.
Maverick was a racehorse. Winning over half a million dollars over seas, he is finally able to be 
himself without judgement at Zenerjen. 
He is reserved and regal. His love language is quality time.

Being an ex-racehorse Rose has had some 
serious trauma that we are working through
each day she's here. Working through a tough
exterior we are finding out her true feminine form
which has been terrified to emerge until
she arrived at Zenerjen.
ToosDay is Zenerjen's Wild Child! 
She definitely runs the zoo around here
and won't stand for shenanigans... unless they
are her own! She is also a natural born
empath and healer.


The Four Pillars of the Compassionate Contribution 
Why We're a Community
Each horse at Zenerjen has been rescued or experienced some type of trauma. They are all now providing life-changing experiences for individuals around the world just by being themselves. Your enrollment into the ZenClub helps support rescue horses all over the country as we connect with other organizations and help spread the mission to save horses and change lives.

Imagine how life will feel  when you can flow your your days with grace and 💕 love 💕  just by knowing yourself, liking yourself, and being yourself.

Our programs
With the horses physical care and emotional well-being always being at the forefront of our mind, Zenerjen creates a healing space for love, patience and opportunity for growth to people from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Everyone who walks through our gates (onsite or virtually) has an experience unique to their present life. Leadership, communication, love and relationships. At Zenerjen you will empower your soul, discover your purpose and live your ZenLife.
Where does the money go?
Your funds are earmarked to directly go to the care, support and health of the horses and the programs they support. Hay is expensive and horses eat a lot of it! Facility maintenance, program development and the overall growth and expansion of the Zenerjen mission are all directly impacted.
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One Time Contribution?

If you would like to offer a one time contribution for the horses or a different amount, please click the button below:
Your contribution goes towards the horse and 
Zenerjen's programs to help more individuals become empowered through horses. 
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