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the horses and the people they support! 

Become a Zenerjen Horse Hero
We need your help for these gorgeous horses so we can continue to grow to serve others.
Bucky O’Neill
 Founder of the Human Experience
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Leah Notarianni
CEO of the Soulful Hustlers
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Zenerjen's Mission
At Zenerjen, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a life-changing experience with a horse that maintains the dignity of the animal.

Our mission is to raise $1 Billion for horse rescue world wide. The fact is, 80,000 horses are sent to slaughter every year in America alone. This is not okay with us. Our programs are designed to create 
- Safe, stable, and fun horses 
- Have committed, courageous and connected volunteers
- A sustainable business model to support the horses that change humans lives

Each horse at Zenerjen has been rescued or experienced some type of trauma. They are all now providing life-changing experiences for individuals around the world just by being themselves.

Imagine how life would feel if you discovered the truth about your identity and could go successfully go through life just by being yourself...
What We do At Zenerjen...


What a 1200 pound animal that doesn't speak English can teach you about yourself and your relationships. How do you present to others and how you are perceived. Discover the between building rapport and breaking it and what you're bringing to the table and how to ADD MORE VALUE!


Connect with yourself, horses, and others and have an amazing time.  To learn what kind of leader are you?  What communication style to you have.? Where are the opportunities to be STRONGER, more CONNECTED and EMPOWERED to lead and how to take advantage of them.


Have an INTERACTIVE experience with horses to learn about how you communicate and relate to others AND build community, consistency and connection with the rescued horses of ERAF.
Why is this Important?
The Mission
We are aiming to provide the basis for the highest quality care for the horses of Zenerjen.  These horses have suffered enough in their lives and they are now giving back to everyone that enters their space with love, patience and the opportunity for growth.  We take the care of these horses very seriously and need help from people like YOU so they can do their jobs as healers to people to the best of their ability.
The Horses
Each horse has their own story of trauma, abuse, and neglect.  We have taken great care and time for them to become safe, stable and courageous as they continue to heal others and we need your help to keep them healthy and strong for the people they support!
Where does the money go?
Your funds are earmarked to directly go to the care, support and health of the horses, hay is expensive and horses eat a lot of it!  The maintenance of the facility or improvements for the programs (a box of nails or boards for fence) would be other examples of what the money is used for.
This is it!  YOU have decided to step up and be a hero for horses, horse rescue and the people they support world wide!   Focus, flow, energy, persistence, certainty, and confidence play a huge role in this mission and we take all we’ve learned and set ourselves up to reshape the way we look at ourselves, horse rescue and our responsibility and capability to take it to the next level.  We thank you for your contribution and support!
What You can Do to Make a Difference!
What Are Horse Heros?
Zenerjen is growing to serve rescued horses around the world to become the healers we know they are.

Horse Heros is Zenerjen's contribution program to help feed our own rescued horses as well as others across the country. Your contributions go towards the growth of our rescue programs to help create a safe, stable, and fun environment for the horses and people at rescues across the country. 

More and more studies are showing evidence of the natural healing power of a horse. Become a hero for a horse and help these beautiful animals become the heros they are meant to be. Because when you rearrange the word Horse, you can see that they truly are Heros.
Monthly Contributions:
Buys A Bag of Feed
One Farrier Service
One Vet Service
Hay for a Day
Have a favorite horse you want to be a Hero for?
 Be a Hero!  Choose your horse to sponsor and help us grow faster!
$10/month: Feeds a horse for ONE DAY

$27/month: Buys ONE bag of feed

$37/month: Buys ONE bale of hay 
(We currently go through 30 bales a month)

$97/month: Pays for one annual vet visit

Want to be a Super Hero?

HALF SPONSOR: $300/month 
Fully feeds one horse for a month

FULL SPONSOR: $600/month 
Provides FULL care including feed, board, vet, and training
Your contribution goes towards the health - physical, mental and emotional - well being of your horse!

Sponsor a Horse. Be a Hero.

Your contribution goes towards the health - physical, mental and emotional - well being of your horse!

Dante is Zenerjen's first and oldest horse. He's confident, exuberant and solutions-driven. He has an answer to EVERYTHING. His love language is 
quality time.
Tres is an old soul. He doesn't really fit in but he doesn't care. Chill and without a care in the world. He will do anything for a cookie! His love language is physical touch.
Bella is feminine and sassy. She wants to be friends with everyone and will do anything to please you. She's confident in the herd but unsure of herself with people. Her love language is words of affirmation.
Maverick was a racehorse. Winning over half a million dollars over seas, he is finally able to be 
himself without judgement at Zenerjen. 
He is reserved and regal. His love language is quality time.

Being an ex-racehorse Rose has had some 
serious trauma that we are working through
each day she's here. Working through a tough
exterior we are finding out her true feminine form
which has been terrified to emerge until
she arrived at Zenerjen.
ToosDay is Zenerjen's Wild Child! 
She definitely runs the zoo around here
and won't stand for shenanigans... unless they
are her own! She is also a natural born
empath and healer.

Your monthly sponsor will help us keep the horses fed for a week a month or even a whole year depending on how much you give!  
 Help us hit our goals and raise the bar for horse rescue!!

One Time Contribution?

If you would like to offer a one time contribution of a different amount, please click the button below:

Your contribution goes towards the horses and the development of 
Zenerjen's Horse Hero programs for horse rescues worldwide.
This is What Previous Participants Are Saying:

A little about Zenerjen…

Zenerjen's mission is to provide a sanctuary for horses and humans that allows for interaction, introspection, growth, and empowerment, for and between humans and these amazing creatures.

We bring in rescued horses and through natural horse development, take them to a place where they are more confident, calm, engaged and connected with their surroundings and people. And that’s just the horses…

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