Discover The Little Known Secrets To Relationships You Wish You Had 
Through Equine Assisted Empowerment and Healing!
Daniela Nastasi,
Founder of Artemis Hill Farm
"Investing in myself to be a part of this course was the most impactful experience I've had for myself and my relationships."
Persona Intelligence & Six Week Mastermind
It's time to get the claim you power and stop being a doormat! If you are a recovering 'pleaser', have 'trust issues' and are tired of people crossing your boundaries, keep reading!

This 6 week mastermind surrounds topics like focus, communication, trust, boundaries and certainty of self. 
It is the answer to your ultimate relationships, you know, the ones where you can ACTUALLY relax, feel supported and be YOURSELF. THIS is what you've been looking for!
This program dives deep into the psyche of personas, so you can spot the right people and avoid the wrong ones, all through the eyes of the horse. Horses? How am I going to learn about myself and my relationships through horses??? (Keep reading!)

Throughout this experience we will peel back the layers of the onion that make up who you are. 

You will become a communication wizard who knows exact what, when, and how to talk to everyone you encounter to get the results you want every single time.

Horses are a pure reflection of how you show up in life. They teach communication and relationship skills in a visceral and unique way that you will never forget. Nature in its finest form, horses will show you the way to open your heart, stand in your power and reclaim the person you KNOW is within you!

Next Mastermind Starts On October 5, 2022

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Meet Your Host

Jen began her career with horses as an adult. For over 15 years, she studied directly with some of the best horsemen in the world. These years of intense learning quickly developed the natural gift she already had for understanding personality, behavior, and relationships. In the middle of her career as a professional horse woman, she began her journey in personal development. After working directly with Tony Robbins, and studying under greats like Russell Brunson, Sara Blakely, Brene Brown, and so many others, Jen saw the exact parallels that horses had with humans. During her transition out of the horse world and into this blue ocean called Zenerjen, Jen began beta testing the gifts her horses had shared with her with those who walked through her barn doors. As more and more people came to Zenerjen, she saw that each and every person walked off the property completely transformed. This is when she knew this was something that had to come to the masses.

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What You Will Experience


Module 1: The Introduction

Understand the four core personas and why each personality type lies where it does. Discover how to read and recognize personality types to build rapport faster with more strength, connection, and respect. 

Module 2/3: What Makes Up A Bella?

Bella's tend to be friendly and gregarious. They know everybody and are total connectors. While this is an incredible asset, there are things that trigger Bella's that cause others to call them "crazy"...but what's the truth? How do you rein in a "crazy" Bella?

Module 4/5: What Makes Up A Maverick?

Quiet and reserved, Maverick's will trust fiercely in a leader they believe in. These are individuals who have 2 or 3 close friends and will go to the ends of the earth and back for them. However, Maverick's can also become unpredictable and dangerous instantaneously. So how do you handle these triggers and develop trust in Maverick's?

Module 6/7: What Makes Up A Tres?

Tres personality types are laid-back and quiet, yet can be extremely playful. There are certain things that trigger this personality that may not trigger a Bella or a Maverick. Understand what causes their triggers and how to transform those into inspiration and motivation. 

Module 8/9: What Makes Up A Dante?

Strong, bold and opinionated, Dante's rule the world. If you don't have rapport and respect with them, they will take charge and may run others down with all their great ideas! They are solutionary and can be a lot to handle, especially when they're triggered.

Module 10: Recap and Integration

So now that we understand the Core Four personas, let's take this information and strengthen our communication in our business and within our team. How can we use these teachings to become more influential leaders with healthier boundaries and compassion for ourselves and others?


  Weekly LIVE Masterminding
Each week, we will talk about the month's theme and engage LIVE with each of you! This is the Success Path!

Answer questions, have guest speakers and bring the subject matter to light. Offer ideas and concepts that will allow you to breakthrough limiting beliefs and understand yourself at a higher level. The first part of the calls consist of a HOT topic that is pertinent to the group at the time and are facilitated by me. The second part will be where you have the opportunity to talk about whatever is in your heart or what you're dealing with... nothing is off limits.
  Book Recommendation 
The average American reads barely 4 books a year, while the most successful people read 4-5 books a month! Feed your mind and envigorate your soul with the book recommendations every month from the Zenerjen library!
You will receive the best of what's out there based on the needs of the group and what is pertinent to the month's theme!
 Peer to Peer Accountability 
Full access pass to the ZenClub Inner Circle - Jen Zoë's empowerment group.
Find an accountability partner, stay in touch and engage with each member of the group. Find the other Bellas, connect with a fellow Maverick and learn what those that think differently than you can do to help you grow.

  Contribution to a Cause
When you contribute to something larger than yourself, there is no greater feeling.  This isn't just a place for you, but an opportunity to contribute to those that are less fortunate and whose voices needs to be heard through us. We contribute to horse rescue, youth organizations and other charities of our choice to continue to grow, serve and save horses and change lives.


 Deepen your Personal Development Journey through the Life lessons a horse can teach you!


The truth is, life is about relationships. A lot of the time we are told to hustle and grind thinking we have to "sell" and we forget the underlying motivation... helping people. 

Persona Intelligence will give you the tools to understand wants, needs and aspirations of the people you love and care about, whether you've just met them or have known them your whole life. 

Imagine how many more people you will be able to serve with this skill. 
How many more people will you help? How will you be able to change the world? Oh, and by the way, how would it feel to provide for your self and your loved ones without missing out on quality time together?

What would be the value of knowing all of this and knowing you don't have to change who you are to get it?

Interested, but want to know more before you buy? 
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How others have been empowered...

Interested, but want to know more before you buy? 
Click here for a Discovery Call with Jen.

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